Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Toilet Seat Sanitizer

READY-TO-USE – Delta cleans and sanitizes the toilet seats safely. After wipe, Delta provides up to 24 hours anti-bacterial protection without rinse. Formulated for use with all foam pump dispensers.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Using Delta TOILET SEAT SANITIZER WIPE involves 4 simple steps:
1. Pull out approximately 2 feet length of toilet paper and fold it a few times.
2. Position the folded toilet paper under the dispenser then apply Delta onto the folded toilet paper.
3. Clean the toilet seat with a wiping action.
4. Dispose the used toilet paper by throwing into the toilet bowl.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Coco Glucoside (Plant-based formula), Benzalkonium Chloride and Fragrance

Standard Packing: 20 litres per carton (4 x 5 litres)

Effective, quick-drying foam sanitizer system cleans and sanitizes hands and surfaces with 24 hours of anti-bacterial protection.

  • No-Touch! Automatic or manual foam dispensers with refillable and disposable cartridge.
    • Creates instant foaming for quicker and easier hygiene wash with little or no water.
    • Controls usage with longer intervals between refills, ensures cost saving.
    • Saves soap by up to 95%, places no strain on effluent systems.
    • Cleans and sanitizes hands and toilet seats.
    • Alcohol-free, non-flammable and non-toxic.
    • Provides up to 24 hours of anti-bacterial protection without rinse.
    • Eco-friendly packaging refills in 50 ml sachet, reduces environmental impact for disposal or storage and delivery